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        i have a good friend, his name is bill. he is from sydney, australia. now he lives in beijing with his parents. he is 14 years old and his birthday is in october. he speaks english and he can speak a little chinese. he has lots of friends in beijing. he often plays soccer after school with them. it’s his favorite sport. he likes chinese action movies very much. he thinks they are interesting. his favorite actor is jet li. jenny is an american girl she is 13 years old. she is very tall and a little thin. she has long black straight hair. she is a good-looking girl .she likes wearing a red t-shirt and blue pant. she likes singing and dancing. her favorite singer is gloria green. she thinks gloria is great. look! jenny is coming. she is not wearing a red t-shirt today. she is wearing a red dress.

        二、用進行時態描寫的各種短文 it’s sunday morning .my mother and i are gong to the park. there are a lot of people in the park. some children are running. a dog is running after them . four women are sitting there they are talking. two girls are playing with a big bal near them ..three old men are standing under a big tree. they are watching the children. there is a river there. many young people are dancing near it. there is a boat on the river. and an old man is sitting in the goat. he is dishing.everyone in the park is

        having a good time. we are having a good time, too.

        三、描寫人物的短文there are three people in jim’s family . mr. green is his father . he is fat and he has short straighthair . hewearsglasses . he is watching tv. his mother is mrs. green . she is a woman of medium height . she has curly hair. she is cleaning the room . jim is very thin. he is playing with the ball. they are all happy.


        jenny had a busy weekend . last saturday morning, she did her homework and practiced speaking english at home . she watched tv and played tennis on saturday afternoon. that night, she went to the movies. on sunday morning , she cleaned her room and went to the beach. . on sunday afternoon, she visited her friends and went shopping .she had a party last night. what a busy but happy weekend she had!


        hello, mary。welcome to our class. here are our class rules. you must read it carefully. as a middle school student we can’t arrive late for class on weekdays. we must wear clean clothes every day. we must stand up when a teacher goes into the classroom. when you have nay questionsin class, please put up your hands. we have to eat and drink in the dining room we have to clean our classroom every day. don’t leave school if you are not allowed(允許) . i wish you can follow

        theserules. thanks !




        module 1 單元達標測試題

        it’s four o’clock. school is over. lots of students are doing different things in different places. wang li and i are on duty today, we are cleaning the classroom, and some other students are talking and laughing happily. what can you see on the ground? some students are doing sports there. some are running. some are playing football. others are watching. where’s daming? is he on the playground, too? no, he is reading books in the reading-room.

        module 2 單元達標測試題

        spring festival

        spring festival is the most important festival in china. it’s the first day of the lunar year.

        people are very happy in spring festival. they often have dinners and watch tv with the family on new year’s eve.

        on new years day, people visit their relatives and friends. children are happy, too. they are in new clothes and usually get some money. in spring festival, we have a lot of traditions, like lion dancing and dragon dancing.

        module 3 單元達標測試題

        my plan

        i have a nice plan. i want to go sightseeing in the summer holiday. i am going to qufu with my mother. i know qufu is very beautiful. i am going to see the temple of confucius, the forest of confucius, in qufu. we are going to stay there for a week. i think we will have a good time there.

        module 4 單元達標測試題

        my dream home

        my dream home is very large. there will be three floors. i will have a computer on the first floor. i will study on the internet. on the second floor there will be big beds. they are very comfortable. many friends can stay with me at my home. there will be a kitchen on the third floor. robots will cook food for me. i think my dream home will be very interesting.

        my hometown

        my hometown is in south china, it’s a small village. you can see a river and lots of trees in my hometown. in the river, there are many fish. in the trees, there are many kinds of birds singing. there is less air pollution here than many other towns. people here work hard. they also have a lot of fun. at weekends, men like to go fishing. during holidays, women like to sing or dance. my hometown is a nice place to go.

        module 6 單元達標測試題

        the popular sports in our school are table tennis, basketball and football. i like playing table tennis, because it is more popular than gymnastics and i’m good at it. i can play basketball, but i can’t play well. basketball is exciting, but dangerous. i like watching basketball matches. i always watch nba. yao ming is my favourite basketball player. i like him very much. i like cycling. because i think cycling is more relaxing than running. but cycling is more tiring than running. do you like sports?

        module 7 單元達標測試題

        my travel plan

        i’m going to dalian for a trip. there are many ways to get there. i think traveling by train is far more enjoyable than by plane. maybe, it will take me twenty hours to get there. i will visit some places of interest there such as sightseeing tower. after traveling i will have a wonderful dinner in it. because the sea food is cheaper than that in daqing. it will take me more than three thousand yuan for this trip, though it is more expensive, i will take it very much.

        module 8 單元達標測試題

        i’m zhao xiang, i was born in jiangsu province, on 6th may, 1997. two years ago, i was in jinan. my first school was yucai primary school. my first english teacher was miss white. my first english teacher was miss white. my first english friend was jack. i had many other chinese friends in jinan. they were wang lin, zhang wei and sun bing. i like jinan. it’s very nice.

        once upon a time, in china, there was a young man called yang shi. one day he went to visit his teacher cheng yi. it snowed heavily. cheng yi slept then, so yang shi waited in the snow outside. he kept waiting in the snow until his teacher woke up. then, the ground was already covered with thick snow.

        we should learn from yang shi and respect our teachers. good education makes a country strong!

        module 10 單元達標測試題

        today, i went to the small island not far from my home with my friends. it’s in the middle of the river. we had a picnic there.

        we got up very early in the morning. we went to the island by boat. first we sang and danced. then we had our lunch. after that, we played football. we went home very late. though we were very tired, we still felt happy.

        what a good picnic we had today!

        module 11 單元達標測試題

        jackie chan is my hero. he was born on april 7, 1954. his father was a cook. when he was seven years old, his family moved to australia. later they came back to hong kong. jackie chen’s father sent him to the china drama academy. jackie chan studied and worked for 19 hours a day. he studied kung fu and stunts. when jackie chen was 17 years old, he began to do dangerous things for films. in the early 1980s, he went to hollywood, but, he wasn’t successful. he went on to make films in hong kong and had great success. finally in 1995, jackie chan had both american and chinese fans, and his films made millions of dollars.

        module 12 單元達標測試題

        i had a wonderful trip to guilin. i went to guilin with my family last week. we went there by train. we were there for only five days. we saw beautiful green hills, clear water and some strange caves. we went boating in lijiang river. we had some delicious local food. guilin rice noodle was really delicious. we all had a great time. i hope i can go to guilin again one day.


        my sister

        my sister is an english teacher in a middle school. she is of medium build with a pair of glasses on her face. she is hard-working and often helps the people in need. she loves and cares about her students. she likes singing and dances well. she is good at ping-pong. this year, she will go to sichuan, as a volunteer, to teach english in a middle school. i love my sister.


        astronaut nie haisheng

        nie haisheng was born in september, 1964 in zaoyang, hubei province. he joined the army in june, 1983 and in december, 1986, he joined the party. in january, 1998, he became one of the first astronauts in china. on october 12, 2014, he went into space in shenzhou 6 spacecraft with fei junlong. they landed safely on october 17. nie haisheng has a happy family.



        1、 dear friend,

        my name is sally. i am from china. i want a pen pal in australia. i am 14 years old. i have no brothers or sisters in my family. my favorite subject in school is science, because i think it’s very interesting. i like playing the piano and playing basketball on weekends. how about you? can you write and tell me something about yourself?



        二 用過去時態描寫假日或周末的短文、 用過去時態描寫假日或周末的短文、日記

        1、 jenny had a busy weekend . last saturday morning, she did her homework and practiced speaking english at home . she watched tv and played tennis on saturday afternoon. that night, she went to the movies. on sunday morning , she cleaned her room and went to the beach. . on sunday

        afternoon, she visited her friends and went shopping .she had a party last night.

        what a busy but happy weekend she had!

        2、 thursday, august 1st (注意日記的時間格式,星期—月份—日期)

        today i went to the palace museum. it was cool. then i went to the great wall . it was fantastic. there were many people there. in the afternoon, i visited tian’an mensquare. there were many beautiful flowers .it was really great. i went to a beijing hutung.

        it was really fun. i enjoyed myself very much.

        三. 你有一幅新作,畫的是你的全家。爸爸在看報,媽媽在寫信,你的弟弟在拍照,你正在 做作業。哦!還有你的貓 mimi 在玩一個球,F在按要求把這幅場景寫出來。 題目:what are my

        family doing? 時態:現在進行時 詞數:80 左右 要求:字跡工整,書寫規范,句子通順,無語法錯誤。

        what are my family doing? look! my family are busy now. my father is reading newspapers on the sofa. my mother is writing a letter with a pair of glasses.she is very careful. my brother is busy ,too. he is taking photos with his camera. and i am doing my homework in my study. oh ,my cat — mimi is playing with a ball.

        it is very happy.this is my family. what about yours?

        四. 你是一名外國游客,上周你到中國北京旅游。請以下列短語為線索,介紹你在北京 游玩過的地方,詞數 60~80. 線索:where to go — when to go — how to get there — what to do 參考詞匯: 明陵 the ming tombs 故宮 the palace museum 頤和園

        the summer palace

        last sunday, i visited beijing— the capital of china. i got to beijing by plane in the morning. then i stay in the hotel. i found beijing is a beautiful city. the next morning, i came to tian’an men spuare by taxi. i took some photos and saw many people from other countries. i was so excited to come here. there are a lot of interest in beijing! i visited the great wall — the longest wall in the world, the ming tombs, the palace museum and the summer palace. at last, i went to beihai park. i had fun there! i like beijing. i hope i can come to china again.

        五. 回憶你的一次郊游或旅行,寫一篇短文。用一般過去時態,詞數 80 左右。

        last winter holiday, i went to hainan san ya with my parents. we went there by plane.the weather was warm and sunny. the people were friendly. we went to the beach.it was a little windy. but i like the weather, because it was very cold and snowy in beijing at that time. we went swimming. and we took a lot of photos there. it was so beautiful. we also bought some intersting gifts. we had fun there. i hope i can go there again.

        六. 以 my sunday 為題,根據下面所給提示寫一篇短文。 詞數 80 左右。

        getup , after breakfast , help , do housework , wash dishes , clean , have lunch ,go to the zoo , by bike , go home , after supper , do my homework , watch tv ,go to bed

        my sunday

        it`s sunday today, i get up late. after breakfast, i help my mother do some housework. i wash dishes and clean the floor. i have lunch at 12 o’clock. in the afternoon, i go to the zoo by bike with my friends. we are all happy. we go home at 5 o’clock. after supper, i do my homework. then i watch tv. i go to bed at 9:30. sunday is my holiday. i enjoy it.

        七. 你知道外國人的圣誕節和中國人的新年有什么相同之處和不同之處嗎?請試著寫出來 要求: 不少于 80 詞。

        christmas is one of the most important festival in western countries, while the spring festival is the most important one in china. both of the two festivals are in winter. people will stop their work or study, enjoy

        themselves by getting together, having parties, or playing games. on christmas, children will get presents from their parents, which are often put in the red stockings. while in china, the children will often get pocket money(零花錢) 零花錢) from their parents in the spring

        festival,which is called in chinese “ya sui qian”.

        八. 運動有益于我們的身體健康,你做運動了嗎?那么你有哪些體育愛好呢?你是如何安排 的?每天或每周的運動頻率是多少?請以 my sports 為題,根據以上提示歇一篇短文,

        my sports

        my sports exercise is good for our health. i usually do some sports. i like swimming, playing basketball and running. my favourite sport is playing basketball. and i play it about four times in a week. it`s very exciting and interesting. i often go swimming at weekend in summer

        because it is hot. i go running in the morning about twice a week. and i go to school on foot every day.i like exercise and my body is healthy.

        九. 介紹方位,有用的短語:be across from 在?對面be next to 在?旁邊be between ?and?在?與?中間be on 在?路上be in front of 在?之前be behind在?后面go straight / walk on 直走turn left/right 左轉/右轉on the left.right 在左/右邊

        dear tina ,

        i’m very glad you are coming to my school . let me tell you the way to my school . there is a map for you .go along this road and turn right at the second crossing . go across the bridge,then turn right and you’ll see a hospital .our school is next to the hospital .our school is next to the hospital .the name of our school is luchang middle school .



        (一) 假設你有一位筆友廣州,請把他介紹給你的同學。(姓名`年齡`國籍`語言`學校`愛好`家庭等)i have a pen pal in guangzhou, china. he is andrew king. he is 15 years old and his birthday is on october 19. he lives in guangzhou. he thinks china is a very interesting country. he can speak chinese and a little english. he studies in no.5 middle school. he likes playing ping-pong very much. he often plays ping-pong with his classmates. his favorite subjects in school are english and art. because he thinks they are very relaxing. he has a happy family. and he usually reads with his brother, sam and a sister, jenny. they often help the old people,too.

        this is my pen pal. we are very friendly. would you like to make a friend with him?


        i know you are arriving next sunday. let me tell you the way to my house. take a taxi from the airport. you pass a bank on your right and then go down long street. you go through six avenue, seven avenue, and eight avenue. when you see a big supermarket, turn left. then go down bridge street and turn left at new park. go down center street and my house is on your right. i hope you have a good trip.

        (三)描寫你最喜歡的動物,從以下方面描述:姓名、年齡、國籍(from)、喜好、性格特征等。my favorite animal are dogs. i have one at home. his name is tom. he is two years old. he is from china. he is white. he is very cute and clever. he often plays with me and brings the shoes to me. he likes to eat brones and run around me. he is lazy, too. he often sleeps and relaxes 10 hours every day. he doesn’t like vegetables, but he likes sweet food. what a lovely dog! i love him very much. do you like him?


        when i grow up, i want to be a teacher. because i think being a teacher is very interesting. ifi am a teacher, i can teach children math. and i can teach them how to write, how to read books, how to speak other languages. it’s really a great job. but i will be very busy. i will have no time to play. but i can talk with children when they are sad. then they will be happy. what a good job! i want to be a teacher, so i must study hard. i think it’s not difficult for me and i will try my best. i hope i can be a teacher one day.


        let me show you some photos. here is a photo of our village. isn’t it beautiful? our village is between two hills and near a river. there’s a small bridge over the river.

        here are some photos of my family. in the first photo, my parents are talking a walk in the village. my father is talking to my mother. they like to take a walk after dinner. in the second photo, i’m swimming. that’s my favorite sport in summer. in the last photo, my sister nancy is writing a story. she’s a reporter and works for a magazine. she says she likes her work because it’s really interesting.i like the village. it has clean water, fresh air and friendly people. come and visit it for yourself. (六)描寫你最喜歡的季節,你為什么喜歡它?在那個季節你經常干什么?(spring、summer、autumn、winter)

        my favorite season

        summer is my favorite season. it’s an exciting season, so i like it very much. in summer, sometimes it’s sunny and hot, but sometimes it’s raining. when it’s sunny, i usually go swimming with my friends. i like swimming, and it’s my favorite sport. when it’s raining. i usually stay at home and watch tv. it’s very relaxing. i enjoy myself in summer. i love summer!


        now i want to tell you about the four seasons in australia.

        spring in australia is from september to november. i love the spring here. the trees in the street have lots of small white flowers and the weather is nice. at the beginning of spring, it’s cool and sometimes rains. at the end of spring, the weather is warm.

        it’s often very hot in summer. sometimes we have four or five days at 45℃! our summer holiday is from the beginning of december to the beginning of february. i go swimming every day. we usually go to the beach for a week in january. it’s windy there and the water is very cool.

        in autumn, the trees are all orange and brown. our autumn is march, april and may.

        in winter, it snows in some places. we go skiing in the snowy mountains every winter in june, july or august. sometimes it rains but it’s usually very cold. often the sky is very blue, and you never see any clouds. it’s my favorite season. what’s your favorite season?


        hello, everyone! my name is wang yue. i’m a chinese girl. i’m twelve years old. my birthday is august 12th. i’m from beijing. now i live with my parents on heping street, my house is between mengxin restaurant and a post office. my favorite subject at school is english. i think it’s very interesting. i like koalas because they are very quiet and cute. do you want to be my pen pal?


        there are four people in my family. my father is a policeman. his work is kind of dangerous. he’s very busy. he often has meals outside. sometimes we can’t see him all day. my mother is a bank clerk, but she wants to be a reporter. she says her job is boring and being a reporter is interesting, because she can meet many interesting people. my brother is a waiter. he likes his job, because he thinks he can meet many new friends when he works. i’m a middle school student. i study hard because i want to be a teacher. i think it’s not difficult for me. we love each other, and i have a happy family.


        johnny dean’s new look!

        do you remember johnny dean, the pop singer with funny glasses and long curly hair? well, now he has a new look. he doesn’t have long curly hair. he has short straight hair. and doesn’t wear glasses any more. but some people don’t like his new look. “ i don’t think he’s so great,” says ruth from new york.“but my mom does.”

        七年級 英語(下)各類作文范文

        一、描寫朋友、自己或家人的喜好 1、 dear friend,

        my name is sally. i am from china. i want a pen pal in australia. i am 14 years old. i have no brothers or sisters in my family. my favorite subject in school is science, because i think it’s very interesting. i like playing the piano and playing basketball on weekends. how about you? can you write and tell me something about yourself?yours, sally

        2、 my name is wang lin . now i live in hangzhou , china. i want to find a pen pal in england. i’m now 14 years old . i speak chinese .and i can speak a little english. i like sports ,swimming is my favorite . i also like playing the computer games . my favorite subject in school is math. i like to go to movies with my friends. my favorite movie is beauty and beast . now i live with my parents .can you write to me soon ?wang lin(請關注www.jamsterscam.com)

        3、 i have a good friend, his name is bill. he is from sydney, australia. now he lives in beijing with his parents. he is 14 years old and his birthday is in october. he speaks english and he can speak a little chinese. he has lots of friends in beijing. he often plays soccer after school with them. it’s his favorite sport. he likes chinese action movies very much. he thinks they are interesting. he favorite actor is jet li.

        4、jenny is an american girl she is 13 years old. she is very tall and a little thin.

        she has long black straight hair. she is a good-looking girl .she likes wearing a red t-shirt and blue pant. she likes singing and dancing. her favorite singer is gloria green. she thinks gloria is great. look! jenny is coming. she is not wearing a red t-shirt today. she is wearing a red dress.用過去時態描寫假日或周末的短文、日記

        1、jenny had a busy weekend . last saturday morning, she did her homework and practiced speaking english at home . she watched tv and played tennis on saturday afternoon. that night, she went to the movies. on sunday morning , she cleaned her room and went to the beach. . on sunday afternoon, she visited her friends and went shopping .she had a party last night. what a busy but happy weekend she had!

        2、 thursday, august 1st (注意日記的時間格式,星期—月份—日期)

        today i went to the palace museum. it was cool. then i went to the great wall . it was fantastic. there were many people there. in the afternon, i visited tian’an men square. there were many beautiful flowers .it was really great. i went to a beijing hutung. it was really fun. i enjoyed myself very much.

        3、last summer i went to the beach . my vacation was pretty good . i went there bybus and my bus trip was relaxing . the beach was very beautiful . it was sunny, cool and humid .the people were friendly and the food was delicious . i enjoyed my vacation very much and i hope to go there again .

        4、 we went to a summer camp today. the weather was great. the mountains were really beautiful. we had great fun singing and dancing there. we had a lot of food and drinks with us. so we had a big lunch. i ate two hamburgers and some orange juice . my friends all enjoyed their lunch very much. it was so nice eating in the open air(在戶外)。i was really tired but i had a good time.

        5、 last weekend tony was busy but happy. he did a lot of housework.. he cleaned the room and washed the clothes. because his mother had to work last saturday. he did most of the housework for her. his sister had to study for the geography test. they were really busy.





        七年級英語下冊 英語各單元作文范文



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